Shopee Singapore Coins – Hacks to Earn & Redeem More Rewards

Shopee Singapore – the infallible choice for millions of shoppers looking for the best discounts is more than just a shopping platform. This integrated e-commerce giant has made its way to be the favourite bargaining ground with its Holy Grail Shopee vouchers released throughout the day. From tech gadgets, food items, fashion essentials, and video games, to pet food and supplies, you will get everything you need at unbelievable discounts any time of the day. 

If you are rather new to this platform, you might not be familiar with the concept of Shopee coins. This is the official reward point system by Shopee that can help you make the most out of your shopping rendezvous in Singapore! Apart from the must-grab Shopee daily vouchers, free shipping, bank promotions, and other bonuses, here is your chance to grab the best yet cheapest products online from this store. 

Now say yes to the crazy savings and never pay your shopping bills in full with these Shopee coins. Here’re some of the Coin hacks that will come in handy if you want to make the most out of your shopping adventures in this store: 

1. Making Purchases on Shopee SG

Completing your orders on Shopee Singapore is a definite way of earning coins. For every S$1 spent on a purchase made from Shopee Preferred or Shopee Mall, sellers will be equivalent to 1 Shopee coin. The total number of coins calculated on every order depends on the value of your purchase, excluding shipping fees and discounts.

However, there are limits on the number of Shopee coins you can earn and spend on your orders! The shoppers can only collect up to 100 coins on every order, irrespective of the minimum amount spent. In the same manner, you can collect up to 150 per day and 300 coins per week. Please note that these coins are redeemable once you have collected 100 points; you will be able to redeem them for S$1 against your future purchases. 

2. Rating the Purchased Products

Another way to earn Shopee coins is to drop ratings and submit a review of your purchases! All you have to do is give your feedback in more than 50 characters with images and videos and collect up to 7 coins. It is worth noting that reviews for products below the value of $0.50 won’t count for coin rewards.

If you are submitting ratings for the same product again, then it will be rewarded only 2 times in the maximum span of 30 days. Have you left your Shopee Singapore purchases un-reviewed? Rate it right away! 

3. Check in Daily for Coin Rewards

Did you know that earning Shopee coins is as easy as checking in? Yes!!! Daily Coins Rewards is an activity for the shoppers available on the Coins Rewards Page through the Shoppe app.

Just click on the ‘Coins Balance’ option available on the homepage of its app to get access to the rewards section. Select ‘check-in’ today to earn 1 coin right away and follow consecutive check-ins to redeem additional coins.

And on the 7th day of continuous check-ins, the shoppers stand a chance to win 100 Shopee coins! The daily limits for check-ins are limited to one device which means the users who log in to multiple accounts from a single device will only be able to earn Shopee coins from 1 account. 

4. Watch Shopee Live

Shopee Live is an interactive session used by Shopee SG sellers to promote their products and communicate with the users directly. What you might not be familiar with is the fact that these sellers also offer Shopee coins and vouchers during these sessions! The ‘coins’ icon may appear at any point during the live stream, you will just have to click on ‘claim’ to collect the reward offered by the seller. 

5. Use the Shopee Cashback Vouchers

You may often come across ‘Shopee cashback vouchers’ whenever you are browsing through Shopee Singapore. Utilizing these Shopee vouchers during your purchases may give you a chance to earn cash back in the form of reward coins!

For instance, if you are using a 15% cash back voucher while placing an order, you will get 150 Shopee Coins added to your account that can be offset against your future order. Just go to the Shopee cash back page to claim any of these cashback vouchers! 

6. Participate in Activities & Games

Just to entice the shoppers a bit, Shopee Singapore offers them a chance to participate in fun activities and earn reward coins! Take a look at the Shopee prizes and you will know what we are talking about.

You can either plant a tree at Shopee Farm or water plants daily to win outstanding prizes and vouchers. Just download the Shopee app and get started! There are several other activities you can participate in like spin and win or play Shopee Candy, Kiap Kiap, and Shopee Pets to earn more coins. 

7. Double Date Sales in Singapore

There are a lot of chances when you can almost double the amount of Shopee Coins earned from this store! Starting from Shopee 6.6 sales, 7.7 to 11.11 Singles’ Day sales and Double 12 Sales, there are plenty of offers that go live during these events. You can take advantage of any such deal that is offering you an insane amount of coins under certain terms and conditions. 

There are various shops listed on Shopee Singapore that offer additional vouchers and discounts for following them! These vouchers are quite different from the regular Shopee vouchers and therefore you can stack them to add-on to your savings. You may also receive updates from such sellers in your Shopee inbox about the latest discounts and coupons that you may use to save better. 

Since we have unveiled all the hacks to earn more Shopee coins, you can easily save these up and nab everything you need at discounted prices. We have also answered some of the most burning questions asked by our shoppers below: 

What is the Shopee coin spending limit?

On Shopee SG, you can only pay a maximum of 30% of your order value or spend a maximum amount of 1000 coins on a daily basis through Shopee Coins. 

When do Shopee coins expire?

Shopee coins expire after 3 months from the date they have been earned. For example, if the coins were issued in January 2023, they will expire by 31st March 2023 if not redeemed within that time period. 

How does Shopee cashback work?

Shopee offers plenty of cash back vouchers that can be used on products that have a ‘cashback banner’. In case you use a 15% voucher on a purchase of $20 purchase, you will be able to collect 300 coins which will be equivalent to $3 on redemption. Once you have claimed the voucher, make sure to use it as soon as possible as some of the vouchers have limited redemption.