S$10 OFF

Vaniday Services - S$10 OFF On Any Booking

Make your appointment now at your favorite saloon for enjoying the best beauty and wellness services. Only at Vaniday and get S$10 off.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 10-05-2017

Make Up Store

Vaniday Services - Make Up Store - Vivocity From S$12

Striving for excellence in serving the customers needs, this dynamic and creative business continually works to improve by generating new ideas and setting new trends. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 27-03-2017Expires: 12 Hours

Style & Beauty Experts

Vaniday Services - Book Style & Beauty Experts From S$99

Style & Beauty conducts grooming workshops focusing to enrich women’s lives, raising their self-esteem and build confidence. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 27-03-2017Expires: 12 Hours

Cashback Program

Vaniday Services - 10% Cashback On Any Treatment

Find and book any beauty or wellness service on Vaniday. Get 10% cashback on any treatment at any price.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 05-05-2017

Hanakura Bliss

Vaniday Services - 59% OFF Express Pedicure

Includes trimming, filing, shaping, buffing and coloring of nails. Application of quick dry top coat for hands and feet. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 11-05-2017

EstheClinic - Tanjong Pagar

Vaniday Services - 50% OFF Bikini IPL Hair Removal

For a permanently smooth and hair-free body with zero discomforts or hassle, try EstheClinic’s signature silky smooth permanent hair removal IPL treatment at EstheClinic. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 12-05-2017

81% OFF Adeva Spa

Vaniday Services - 81% OFF Synergist Face Renewal

Book Adeva Spa for stimulates synthesis of new skin cells, which helps retain youthful skin and delay premature skin aging. Book now only at Vaniday.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 12-05-2017

Aqua Hair Korean Salon

Vaniday Services - Aqua Hair Korean Salon From S$55

Find the perfect fix for a party, before an important job interview, or just because you are fabulous and deserve to look beautiful at all times. Book now at Vaniday.

Added: 04-04-2017Expires: 03-05-2017

Leekaja Beauty Salon

Vaniday Services - Leekaja Beauty Salon From S$95

Leekaja is the most stylish and prestigious hair salon brand in Korea and around the world. Book now! Only at Vaniday.

Added: 04-04-2017Expires: 05-06-2017

Navis Hair & Beauty Salon

Vaniday Services - Navis Hair & Beauty Salon From S$10

Navis Hair & Beauty Salon provides a wide range of waxing and threading services that meet your needs. There are two outlets in Singapore which aim to restore and maintain beauty for every customer. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 30-03-2017Expires: 3 Days

Rupinis OM

Vaniday Services - Rupinis OM Services From S$10

Rupinis are experts in threading. You can trust that they will deliver you a swift, professional and comfortable experience. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 30-03-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

Chez Moi De Beaute

Vaniday Services - Book Chez Moi De Beaute Services From S$98

Chez Moi De Beaute attempts to make you look and feel good with customized beauty rituals and treatments tailored to your unique needs. Only at VANIDAY.

Added: 13-04-2017Expires: 12-05-2017

Le Posh Wellness

Vaniday Services - Le Posh Wellness - Tiong Bahru From S$48

Walk into Le Posh Wellness and treat your skin and body to a day of detoxification and relaxation. Book now at Vaniday.

Added: 13-04-2017Expires: 13-05-2017

Thai Sanctuary by Refresh

Vaniday Services - Thai Sanctuary by Refresh From S$79

Book your Massage treatment at Thai Sanctuary by Refresh online now it includes - Thai Aromatherapy Massage, Half Body Massage, Thai Herbal Therapy and much more. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 17-04-2017Expires: 17-05-2017

So Into You Salons

Vaniday Services - So Into You Salons From S$65

Discover world-class services and experience a touch of health, glamour, and beauty by experienced professionals and well-trained therapists at So Into You. Only at Vaniday.

Added: 26-04-2017Expires: 25-05-2017

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