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A leading South East Asian E-Commerce Platform, StreetDeal offers innumerable products and services at discounted prices, bringing everyday deals from favorite spas, restaurants, bars and health and beauty palours.

Singaporeans gain access to a large network of high street deals year round across a wide range of products such as household items, handbags, watches, pens, smartphone cases and pouches, clothes and shoes.

With its Premium service, StreetDeal allows you to leverage extra discounts and access to best premium offers along with free insurance on products you purchase.

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29% OFF Mookata Buffet

StreetDeal Food & Drink - 29% OFF All You Can Eat Mookata Buffet

All you can eat Mookata buffet brings to you traditional and popularized dishes. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 31-03-2017Expires: 3 Days

34% OFF Emergency Bag

StreetDeal Luggage & Bags - 34% OFF Emergency Bag

Shop this emergency bag is useful when doing an outdoor activity and traveling. Shop online through StreetDeal.

Added: 27-03-2017Expires: 12 Hours

75% OFF Hangout Couch

StreetDeal Furniture - 75% OFF Self-inflate Hangout Couch

The Portable Couch is filled only with air so that means its completely collapsible and easy to stow away. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 27-03-2017Expires: 12 Hours

81% OFF Keratin Hair Treatment

StreetDeal Health & Beauty - 81% OFF Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment

Straight hair usually makes you look neat and prim. Today's StreetDeal offers you the chance to revitalize your hair with Top USA Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment with Macadamia Smoothing Oil at Moca Salon.

Added: 06-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

54% OFF Undergarment Travel Organiser

StreetDeal Luggage & Bags - 54% OFF Water-repellent Undergarment Travel Organiser

Buy this Storage organizer designed to open flat compartmentalizes undergarments by preventing them from misshaping. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 04-04-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

66% OFF Electronic Luggage Scale

StreetDeal Technology & Electrical - 66% OFF Portable Electronic Luggage Scale

Shop Portable luggage scale with LCD screen lets travelers check the weight of their luggage before departing to avoid extra fees. Only at StreetDeal with up to 66% off.

Added: 04-04-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

38% OFF Steamboat Buffet

StreetDeal Food & Drink - 38% OFF Steamboat Buffet At Vivo City

Enjoy Charcoal Thai's Steamboat Buffet at the newly opened outlet at Vivo City. Only at StreetDeal at a discount of up to 38%.

Added: 31-03-2017Expires: 3 Days

Unisex Pokemon T-Shirts

StreetDeal Fashion - 18% OFF Unisex Pokemon T-Shirts

This Unisex Pokemon T-Shirts has 3 design which are team valour, team mystic, and team instinct. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 14-04-2017Expires: 13-05-2017

79% OFF L'Oréal silky Rebonding

StreetDeal Health & Beauty - 79% OFF L'Oréal silky Rebonding Or Perm

Premium L'Oréal hair care products used. Silky hair and add shine to hair with beautiful locks. Buy at StreetDeal.

Added: 06-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

76% OFF Thai Mookata Lunch Set

StreetDeal Food & Drink - 76% OFF Thai Mookata Lunch / Dinner Set

Charcoal Thai uses charcoal as the heating element for their Mookatas, which adds a flavorful char when grilling meat and seafood, and even vegetables like corn and mushrooms. Only at StreetDeal .

Added: 30-03-2017Expires: 3 Days

Manual Coffee Grinder

StreetDeal Home Appliances - 16% OFF Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for an affordable coffee grinder or the full barista experience then buy Manual hand coffee grinders online at StreetDeal.

Added: 14-04-2017Expires: 13-05-2017

68% OFF Wall Stickers

StreetDeal Home & Garden - 68% OFF Adhesive Decorative Wall Stickers

Shop Adhesive decorative wall stickers for your home that are easy to apply and remove. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 13-04-2017Expires: 12-05-2017

26% OFF Heart-Shaped Floor Mat

StreetDeal Home & Garden - 26% OFF Heart-Shaped Microfiber Floor Mat

Heart-Shaped Microfiber Floor Mat - Suitable for living rooms, bathrooms, and bedrooms, highly recommended for wedding rooms. Only at StreetDeal.

Added: 13-04-2017Expires: 12-05-2017

Microfibre Blind Duster

StreetDeal Home & Garden - 41% OFF Microfibre Blind Duster

Designed to dust and clean blinds, this tool is triple-fingered and features a microfibre part, that can be removed and washed. Shop now at StreetDeal.

Added: 19-04-2017Expires: 19-05-2017

10% OFF Dom Perignon Vintage

StreetDeal Beer, Wine & Spirits - 10% OFF Dom Perignon Vintage 2006 Champagne

Buy this Dom Perigon Vintage 2006 champagne online through StreetDeal at a massive discount of up to 10%.

Added: 19-04-2017Expires: 19-05-2017

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How to use a StreetDeal coupon