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Shop any fashion, home decor, health and beauty, gift and stationery products online and by applying a ShopInSEA coupon code get S$5 OFF with a minimum spend of S$30.

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Travel Toothbrush Holder

Buy Scandinavian Inspired Travel Toothbrush Holder From S$0.90

Scandinavian Inspired Travel Toothbrush Holder is perfect for travel. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$0.90.

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12% OFF Sealing Clip

Get 12% OFF Jumbo Food Storage Sealing Clip

Jumbo food storage sealing clip is great for keeping food packs, cereal pack sealed. Shop now at ShopInSEA and get 12% OFF.

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Fashion For Him/Her

Fashion For Him/Her From S$0.60

Flaunt your impeccable style and taste in fashion jewellery, footwear, bags etc for him/her. Only at ShopInSEA from S$0.60.

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Home & Decor

Shop Home & Decor Products From S$0.10

Shop from wide range of home and decor items online at ShopInSEA from S$0.10 onwards.

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Body & Foot Care

Shop Body & Foot Care Products From S$0.40

Browse a wide range of body and foot care products such as body shower loofah, hair trimmers, nail trimmers, foot detox patches, bunion correctors, silicone foot insoles and more. Only at ShopInSEA from S$0.40.

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Cute Lemon Sticky Notes

Cute Lemon Sticky Notes From S$0.80

With this cute lemon sticky notes, you will no longer forget about important dates or appointments. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$0.80.

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Leather Belt

Buy Simplistic Leather Belt From S$2

Complete your look with this simplistic leather belt. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$2.

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Desktop Stationery Holder

Shop Multi-Layer Desktop Stationery Holder From S$3.30

Organise your desk with this multilayer desktop stationery holder. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$3.30.

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10% OFF Fan Covers

Get 10% OFF Decorative Fan Covers

Purchase decorative fan covers to keep your fan clean from dust. Only at ShopInSEA and get a discount of 10%.

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Cushion & Throws

Shop Cushion & Throws From S$5.30

Browse a variety of cushion and throws online at ShopInSEA from S$5.30. Hurry up! Order now.

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6% OFF Storage Case

Get 6% OFF Cat Story Storage Case

Cat Story storage case is perfect for storing and organizing your stationeries. Buy now at ShopInSEA and get a discount of 6%.

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Clothes Hanger

Buy Anti Crease Multi-Functional Detachable Clothes Hanger From S$2

Buy this detachable clothes hanger for hanging a coat, jacket, sweater, shirt, or more. Only at ShopInSEA from S$2.

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22% Friends Notebook

Get 22% OFF Happy Animal Friends Notebook

Purchase cute happy animal friends notebook online at ShopInSEA and get a discount of 22%.

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Desktop Accessories

Buy Desktop Accessories From S$0.30

Choose a wide range of Desktop Accessories like Power Cord Cable Organizer, Laptop Stand, Power Plug Holder and more. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$0.30.

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Automobile Products

Automobile Products From S$0.90

Shop Automobile products for your car such as Wardrobe Dehumidifier, Car Mini Dustbin, Car Mobile Phone Holder and more from S$0.90.

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Makeup Organizers

Shop Makeup Organizers From S$0.70

Choose a wide array of makeup organizer of different shapes and sizes. Only at ShopInSEA from S$0.70.

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Waterproof Pouch

Buy Travel Outdoor Waterproof Pouch From S$2

The Travel Outdoor Waterproof Pouch helps safeguard your mobile phones. Order now at ShopInSEA from S$2.

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Luggage Tags

Buy Luggage Tags From S$1.50

Shop stylish and affordable price of luggage tags at ShopInSEA from S$1.50. Hurry! Avail the deal today!

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Bear Laundry Net

Shop Cute Bear Laundry Net From S$1.80

This Cute Bear Laundry Net is suited for the home or laundry use. Buy now at ShopInSEA from S$1.80.

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Floral Spray Bottle

Buy Floral Spray Bottle From S$0.50

This floral spray bottle is suitable to contain scented water or any loose liquid. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$0.50.

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Small Container

Buy Small Container From S$0.40

This small container is used for to store cream or lotions while travelling. Buy now at ShopInSEA from S$0.40.

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Blackhead Silicone Brush

Buy Blackhead Silicone Brush From S$0.60

The Blackhead Silicone Brush is perfect for removing blackheads on your face. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$0.60.

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