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Toothbrush Holder

Buy Toothpaste Dispenser Cum Toothbrush Holder From S$4.90

Comes with an automatic toothpaste dispenser. Push your toothbrush lightly against the handle and it will dispense toothpaste. Only at ShopInSEA from S$4.90.

Added: 26-07-2017Expires: 26-08-2017

DIY Butterfly & Bird Wall Clock

DIY Butterfly & Bird Wall Clock From S$7.50

Buy this DIY Butterfly and Bird Wall Clock is great for the office, living room or the bedroom. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$7.50.

Added: 24-07-2017Expires: 24-08-2017

Desktop Plants

Shop Desktop Plants From S$1.30

Shop a wide range of desktop plants online it includes Exotic Plants in a Plastic Container, Egg Shaped Desktop Herb Plants, Smiling Cat Desktop Plant etc. Only at ShopInSEA from S$1.30 onwards.

Added: 21-07-2017Expires: 2 Days

Cable Winders & Boxes

Buy Cable Winders & Boxes From S$0.50

Cable Box winder is a cable keeper that shortens a long cable and stores the excess cable neatly inside the cable box. Only at ShopInSEA from S$0.50.

Added: 21-07-2017Expires: 2 Days

Laptop Stand

Shop Laptop Stand From S$1

Used upright as an easel, this laptop stand works to help provide a more comfortable work angle for you. Only at ShopInSEA from S$1. Buy now!

Added: 19-07-2017Expires: Expired

Waterproof Dry Bag

Waterproof Dry Bag From S$8.80

The Waterproof Dry Bag is a heavy duty 100% waterproof dry bag designed to float on water to ensure your belongings will not sink while doing water sports or water activities. Only at ShopInSEA from S$8.80.

Added: 31-07-2017Expires: 31-08-2017

Kitchen Holder With Drainer

Elephant Bathroom or Kitchen Holder With Drainer From S$4.10

Dry your cutlery or toothbrushes in this cute elephant drainer. Buy now through ShopInSEA from S$4.10.

Added: 26-07-2017Expires: 26-08-2017

Cotton Canvas Luggage

Buy Cotton Canvas Luggage Protectors From S$11.80

Buy the perfect Cotton Canvas Luggage Protectors, you will be surprised how traveling light and free make your journey even more memorable. Shop now only at ShopInSEA from S$11.80. Hurry up!

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Nail Scissors & Clipper Set

Buy Baby Nail Scissors & Clipper Set From S$1.40

Baby Nail Scissors and Clipper Set is suitable for trimming nails of children aged 3+ years and above. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$1.40.

Added: 24-07-2017Expires: 24-08-2017

Cord Cable Organizer

Buy Power Cord Cable Organizer From S$1

Power Cord Cable Organizer prevents excessive dust gathering around the wires or getting tangled. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$1.

Added: 19-07-2017Expires: Expired

Utensil Holder Set

Buy Scandinavian Utensil Holder Set From S$8.80

This Scandinavian Utensil Holder Set keeps your utensils neat and organised in your kitchen. Only at ShopInSEA from S$8.80.

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Simplistic Leather Belt

Buy Simplistic Leather Belt From S$2

Buy this stylish and trendy simple yet elegant belts online at ShopInSEA from S$2.

Added: 03-08-2017Expires: 02-09-2017

Korean Cherry Shoe Bag

Medium Korean Cherry Shoe Bag From S$3.80

Keep your shoes in this shoe storage bag and carry them around in style. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$3.80.

Added: 01-08-2017Expires: 01-09-2017

Waterproof Dry Bag

Buy Waterproof Dry Bag Camo Design From S$10.20

Waterproof Dry Bag Camo Design is perfect for the gym, beach, swimming, kayaking, canoeing, fishing, rafting, camping, hiking and other outdoor activities. Only at ShopInSEA from S$10.20.

Added: 01-08-2017Expires: 01-09-2017

Quick Dry Sports Towel

Buy Safebet Super Absorbent Quick Dry Sports Towel From S$2.90

Buy Safe bet super absorbent quick dry sports towel that is ultra absorbent, specially formulated as a towel for competitive sports. Shop now at ShopInSEA from S$2.90.

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14% OFF Wall Suction Hook

Get 14% OFF Candy Color Wall Suction Hook

Shop candy color wall suction hook for the kitchen or bathroom. Only at ShopInSEA at a discount fo up to 14%.

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Garbage Bags

Buy Small Colorful Garbage Bags From S$1.90

Shop this small colorful garbage bags with handles to easily lift and toss away your trash. Only at ShopInSEA from S$1.90.

Added: 25-07-2017Expires: 25-08-2017

Condiment Holder

Colourful 3 Grid Condiment Holder From S$2

Shop this Colourful 3 Grid Condiment Holder online through ShopInSEA from S$2. Simply flip up the lid to get access to the condiments you require during cooking.

Added: 08-08-2017Expires: 08-09-2017

2 Tier Kids Lunch Box

Shop 2 Tier Kids Lunch Box From S$4.10

Shop 2 Tier Kids Lunch Box online at ShopInSEA - one box comes with removable divider that allows you the flexibility to separate different varieties of food from S$4.10.

Added: 04-08-2017Expires: 04-09-2017

Cartoon Contact Lens Casing

Cartoon Contact Lens Casing From S$2

Keep your contact lens in place and safe with this cute contact lens casing. Only at ShopInSEA from S$2.

Added: 04-08-2017Expires: 04-09-2017

Travel Laundry Bag

Buy Collapsible Travel Laundry Bag From S$2

Collapsible Travel Laundry Bag - Pack your clothes in this collapsible travel storage and you are ready for travel. Shop now! Only at ShopInSEA from S$2.

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13% OFF Insulation Grip

Get 13% OFF Silicone Insulation Grip

Shop this Silicone Insulation Grip and use this to extract hot lids or handles with a good grip. Only at ShopInSEA with up to 13% off.

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Korean Pastel Pencil Case

Buy Large Korean Pastel Pencil Case From S$1.60

This Korean Pastel pencil case is perfect to keep your stationeries in place. Only at ShopInSEA from S$1.60.

Added: 10-08-2017Expires: 10-09-2017

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