S$15 Cashback

Quandoo Food & Drink - Get S$15 Cashback

Quandoo provides an amazing offer - Book a table in your most favorite restaurant and by using a Quandoo voucher code receive an extra 1000 loyalty points. That gives you $15 cash back to your bank account! Hurry!

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Flame Cafe

Quandoo Food & Drink - Book Flame Cafe From S$5

Book Flame Cafe where artisan dishes and homestyle classics are made healthier, fresher and without flavors or additives. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 31-03-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

The Aryaa

Quandoo Food & Drink - The Aryaa Restaurant

The Aryaa is a lounge, restaurant, club and bar all rolled into one. Serving up an array of North Indian, Mediterranean, Turkish and Greek dishes. Book at Quandoo.

Added: 28-03-2017Expires: 1 Day

Singapore's Best Eateries

Quandoo Food & Drink - Discover Singapore's Top Restaurants

Looking for somewhere for a special meal in Singapore? Browse our list, Book a table now! Hurry! Seize the deal now.

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Romantic Restaurants in Singapore

Quandoo Food & Drink - Take Out Your Loved One Tonight For Romantic Dinner

Book your favorite restaurants in Singapore for a romantic dinner with your loved ones. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 11-04-2017Expires: 11-05-2017

Candle Light Dinner

Quandoo Food & Drink - The Key To The Heart Is Through The Stomach

Delicious food, fine wine and of course a romantic atmosphere. In Quandoo's collection of romantic restaurants for a candle light dinner in Singapore, you'll find some of the finest places to get the chemistry right and watch the sparks fly. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 10-04-2017Expires: 09-05-2017

Dine With A View In Singapore

Quandoo Food & Drink - Restaurant With A View In Singapore

If you’re more of a view to killer hits to your taste buds than just a feast for your eyes only then don’t worry, these places prioritize superb dining first – they just have envious views for good measure. All the time in the world is not enough to bore of observing people scurry from high above, but watching the sky fall into dusk throws an entirely different light over Singapore, creating unforgettable views. Only through Quandoo.

Added: 06-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

Best Brunch In Singapore

Quandoo Food & Drink - Bringing You The Best Of The Brunch In Singapore

There are many things that mark out the restaurant scene in Singapore, from bustling hawker centers to authentic Chinese and Indian food and fresh street food on every corner. Brunch, though, is often harder to find, and to that end, we’ve drawn up a list of the best places to eat off a hangover, stuff yourself on a Sunday or indulge yourself with a lunchtime cocktail. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 06-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise

Quandoo Food & Drink - Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise From S$6.80

Book a Table with Quandoo at Sea Tripod Seafood Paradise and imports the freshest seafood it can find and then steams it right at your table using state-of-the-art steaming equipment.

Added: 04-04-2017Expires: 04-06-2017

Bincho Restaurant

Quandoo Food & Drink - Sundays Lunch Sets With Free Flow Beverage At Bincho Restaurant

Donburi Lunch Sets are available all day on Sundays only with free flow beverage options at an additional price. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 12-04-2017Expires: 11-05-2017

Fine Dining Restaurants

Quandoo Food & Drink - Book Fine Dining Restaurants In Singapore

Book Table for Fine Dining, is a perfect restaurant to a celebrate a birthday, an anniversary or a special occasion, but let's face it, you probably don’t even need an excuse to get dressed up in your best and head out for an extravagant lunch or dinner. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 10-04-2017Expires: 10-05-2017

Top 20 Restaurants

Quandoo Food & Drink - Wine & Dine At These Top 20 Restaurants

Sometimes it’s difficult to know which restaurants are the absolute best. So take a look at this Quandoo collection next time you can’t decide where to eat.

Added: 07-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

New Restaurants In Singapore

Quandoo Food & Drink - Book Brand New Restaurants In Singapore

Book Brand New Restaurants in Singapore such as Smoke and Mirrors, Phat Cat Laundry, Cure, Mad Cow, Xperience restaurant etc. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 07-04-2017Expires: 06-05-2017

Brez'n Restaurant

Quandoo Food & Drink - Brez'n Restaurant From S$13.50

Brez'n serves up Bavarian favorites in River Valley. Brez’n is becoming more and more popular as Singapore comes to love to Bavarian cuisine, so we advise making a reservation in advance. Only at Quandoo.

Added: 05-04-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

The Knolls

Quandoo Food & Drink - The Knolls Restaurant From S$16

Book a table at The Knolls and enjoy a refreshing Mediterranean gourmet experience. Only at Quandoo from S$16.

Added: 05-04-2017Expires: 04-05-2017

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